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Where did the name SIBLS come from ? ....

My dear sister suddenly made a siblings group chat on WhatsApp and names it Sibls, so my Brother and I made fun of her as a joke. I started to find it very cute as time flew by. Hence, while thinking of a business name, the thought came to mind that maybe this word could symbolize the sister/brotherhood in Islam that was lost in our ummah as years passed by. All in hopes of bringing this mutual care, respect, and love back into our daily lives ان شاء الله. May God be pleased with us all. 🤲

Where do the 15% profit go ?

We have decided to send the 15% profit to an organization called Unite4Humanity which is a registered non-profit Muslim charity that has a 100% donation policy. Every month the profit will go to a specific crisis. Right now the conditions in Turkey and Syria are getting better with the help of donations from all over the world. We would like to contribute to that cause and help our brothers and sisters around the globe !

Reminder : If you are able to pray (don't have a valid excuse), we kindly ask you to stop scrolling through our website dear customers ≧◠‿◠≦. I'm pretty sure our website will still be here after you pray. May god give us all the strength to pray on time.

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